An Introduction to BooTer


For a long time I’ve had lots of ideas for a programming language with all sorts of advanced features. Of course, I’ve never written a programming language before, so I’d like to get a bit of experience before attempting to create the next killer language. So what I needed was a simpler language to implement first. BooTer (Boolean-Ternary) is the result of some brainstorming of a “simple” first language.

I’m calling it an Esoteric Programming Language, since it probably won’t be that useful for any sort of real programming. It will be Turing Complete, if a bit difficult to write anything non-trivial in.

I don’t have the whole language figured out yet, so any of the information here will be subject to change at any time.


A BooTer program is a series of nested expressions. Every expression evaluates to a value. An expression can be one of the following:

There are still a few details that I need to work out in regards to how everything is going to work, but I do have a working lexer and a mostly-complete parser, thanks to Flex and Lemon. All I need to do now is decide how I want to represent the parse tree, build it, and then get a working interpreter going. Due to the way the language is set up, it seems like it wouldn’t be too hard to generate assembler from it and make compilable programs…but first I want to see the language running at all.

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