return false; it's good for you.

Today I was looking around for blogs about JavaScript when I stumbled upon The Strange Zen of JavaScript by Scott Andrew LePera (Hacker/Singer/Songwriter), which looks to be quite informative, though sadly it seems as though it has been in hibernation since July.

I was relieved to see in reading The Mark Of The n00b that I’m not a n00b (at least according to that particular metric). Though I suppose I should point it out to others so they can avoid being n00bs as well:

use href=“#” and return false from your onclick event handlers to avoid jumping! (Ironically there were comments asking how to avoid the jumping scrollbars in the Mark of the n00b post, which was posted immediately after the return false post. Whoops.) Hopefully adding yet another post about this will help people googling for solutions to this frustrating problem to be more likely to find it.

More about returning false

I hate to just link to a post without adding something to the discussion, so I’ll throw in a bit of extra information about JavaScript event handler return values.

Return values are handy in most any event handler, not just onclick. Returning false prevents the event from “bubbling” up to the browser

Here are some suggestions for ways in which to use event handler return values:

For an enormous amount of more information, check out the DOM Event Compatibility Tables over at Quirksmode

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