Quick Python Browser update

A quick update since I’ve not posted anything for over a week now.

I’ve written some, and outlined a bunch more, of the code for the browser layout engine.

I don’t have a name for the browser yet, but there are a few ideas floating around.

I’m considering my options for a JavaScript Engine. There are several implementations in C or some such similar language. There’s also the possibility of a translator into Python, which could then be bytecode compiled and run inside a sandbox environment. Or a pure Python implementation..but I think that would be too much work.

I’m going to be sure to keep the layout engine separate from the rendering engine (or as much as possible, at least), so that I can change my mind later about what I want to use if I need to.

I will probably have more to talk about tomorrow or Saturday, but I needed to break the silence.

As an added bonus, and to make this post longer, here’s the output of the really crappy, incomplete HTML rendering engine that I hacked together in a single night for a class project (click the image for the full page render):

Old Renderer Test Thumbnail

Notice the lack of padding and the failure of most lines to wrap properly. Hey, I wrote it in a very short period of time. The point was to write a program which was object-oriented, not one that did anything useful :)

In case you were wondering, that’s a render of my old blog, which was hosted on the Oregon State servers (still is, actually, but they should be taking it down any day now…)

So hopefully by tomorrow night I should have a similar, but better rendered picture to post. Does anyone have suggestions for the best font engine for Python? I know there are some FreeType wrappers written, but is there anything which adds more Python-y functionality as well?

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