Cats Vs. Dogs -- Which do you prefer?

Cat Vs. Dog

I’ve had both dogs and cats as pets over the years, but I’ve always preferred the cats.

I figure it could be an interesting exercise to put some thought into why this is so.

After some time thinking I came up with a list of attributes of cats and comparable attributes of dogs. It’s clear I have a strong bias toward cats.

The list I came up with, after the jump…

scratch things=chew things
poop in a box>poop on your lawn
when not fixed, they sometimes spray/rub their privates on the floor>male or female, whether or not they are fixed, they hump legs/kids/cats/other dogs whenever they get a chance
happy to enjoy the sunlight through a window/watch squirrels and birds from inside>have to be taken out for a walk every day or they go insane
drool when they get older>drool from the day they are born to the day they die
climb on tables and counters=steal food from counters and tables
keep themselves fairly clean, rarely stink>need to be cleaned by a person, stink most of the time, especially when wet
don't like water, but that's ok because of the previous item>love water, and that's bad because of the previous item
lick themselves and get in your face when they want attention>lick themselves and/or eat poop, then try to lick you in the face

Basically, dogs are noisy, smelly, and tend to require more care and attention than cats.

Plus, when I pet a dog I feel the desire to wash my hands immediately afterward. With cats, I don’t get that.

I'm sure there are more arguments for each side. Which do you prefer, and why?
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