April Fools! I'm not dead!

After three weeks of not posting, some people may have begun to assume I had died, but in reality it was all part of an elaborate April Fools prank. Gotcha!

Others may have assumed that I was just being lazy and not posting. April Fools! It was also part of an elaborate April Fools prank … umm … to make you think that I was lazy. Yeah! That’s totally it!

In honor of this beloved holiday, I’m going to outline a few of the jokes I’ve seen today.

Ubuntu to rename top level directories

The thing that makes this joke so funny to me is that the writer thinks he’s being ridiculous, but it’s obvious he’s never seen Gobo Linux before. The only ridiculous part is the assumption that applications would need to be modified to work.

Also, he didn’t include the /Programs directory, which is the best part of Gobo Linux.

What makes this even more amusing is that recently I’ve been considering the possibility of creating a script which would allow the installation of Debian packages on a Gobo system. Something like Apt-Gobo, even, which could even pull packages and dependencies from Apt, but install packages in a Gobo-compatible manner. It would be the best of both worlds, since there are far more binary packages for Debian than there are for Gobo, but Gobo has a much nicer filesystem layout.

Anyway, I’m going to move on before people start to think that this is a joke…

ThinkGeek April Fools Products

I always enjoy these every year. They get wackier and wackier. My favorites this year are “Super Pii Pii Bros” and the ZapCam YouTube Tazer.

I wonder how much time it took to come up with all of these, especially considering they have videos of all of the joke products this year.

Geeks.com April Fools - Portable Retina Scanner, only $49.99!

Every year, Geeks.com sends out an April Fools new product email. This year they advertise “The Latest in Biometric Security Technology” along with “Dog Bark Voice-Print” and “Pet Paw Print” access analyzers.

The first one of these emails that I got years ago advertised a circular monitor, with something along the lines of “No more annoying corners on your screen!” I can’t find the old joke on their website (I didn’t look that hard, though.)

One more, you have to see this one!

This is one you just have to see. It would ruin it if I gave an explanation here. It’s basically the best April Fools day joke. Serously, check it out.

Have your own favorite April Fools joke? Well, leave a comment and tell me all about it!
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