Walking Journal: 5 Miles


I’m starting a walking journal, to keep track of how far I walk each day, and to give me something to post about more frequently. Despite the fact that most of my posts on here are Probably about Programming, this is still, in fact, a personal blog, so I think posting personal things on here pretty much makes sense to me.

I’ll also use the walking journal as an actual journal, to talk about things other than walking. I can justify this by noting that I will, most likely be writing a lot of the journal while walking, so the name still works. I wrote most of this one while walking, so it works!

Walking journal

I’ve walked 5 miles since deciding to start this morning, so that’s a good start, I suppose.

Perhaps I’ll do a 100200 miles to a chumby-style thing with this. Though I have an advantage with my walking desk, because I can walk and be working at the same time. If I walked during my entire workday, I’d be able to get 16 or so miles a day without a problem, and I’d have 100 miles in no time :), so maybe I’ll make my goal about losing weight instead of a specific distance. 20 pounds to a Pandora?

I’ve redoubled my efforts at weight loss, and I’ve started both walking daily and tracking my weight again.

You can join in on the fun and track my progress on my Physics Diet profile

It looks like I’ve been slowly on an upward gain, but it’s just because I weighed myself before dinner, rather than before breakfast as I always did before, and it filled in the blanks since February, since I haven’t weighed myself since then. I’ve actually been holding pretty steady in weight, I think, so it’ll be good to break through this plateau and get my weight lower.

School’s started again in Round Rock

School is back in session. I guess no more sleeping in since the children gather outside our bedroom window in the morning to wait for the bus.

On the plus side, I can once again go out on my front lawn in a bathrobe and yell at those “damn kids” to “get off my lawn!”

I could have done that during the summer, but I would have looked a little silly when all that was out there was dead grass.

Teeth are expensive

I had a 9am (super early for me) dentist appointment today to get an impression for a crown taken. Good god these teeth are costing me a lot of money.

I’ve used up all my COBRA dental insurance from my last job, and from what I hear it’s nearly impossible to get private dental insurance, so it’s going to all be out-of-pocket from now on.

Since with my current job I’m technically a “private contractor,” because they have no offices in the US, they are just paying me what would cover insurance (though it might not cover personal insurance after my COBRA is over).

Perhaps the way to go is really personal insurance in the sense that I will put away that same money every month in case of medical emergency.

Or I could just have all my teeth removed and switch to an all-liquid diet. I’m sure Angie would love having a toothless 25-year-old husband. For sure.

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